Premier tutoring services at affordable rates.

With Gruha Sikshak you can always go online and request a tutor. It is a very fast way of finding and selecting a tutor for affordable price. Expert tutors are always available with us to guide you in one-one sessions which are far more effective than the classroom teaching. Gruha Sikshak also works area wise in order to save the time of both tutor and student spent in traffic.
We provide detailed tutor profiles in our website. Based on your requirement, you can select the best tutor for your son / daughter. Once the tutor has been approved, your assigned tutor begins scheduled visits to your home, creating and delivering a lesson which is one-to-one and personalized to your subject.
Our service is free for students. You do not have to pay any registration charges except your tuition fee.
Contactus (+91 733 110 3904, +91 733 110 3905) and we'll make every effort to help you.
Yes, of course you will have an option of attending free demo for 2 days. Once you are satisfied with the demo, you will be allotted the tutor without any further changes.
Tutors have to be ready to provide two demo sessions and satisfy the students. Once the student commits to a particular tutor, he has to pay the monthly fee upfront to Gruha Sikshak online which will not be refunded. It is tutors responsibility to satisfy his students through out all the teachings sessions.
No. We take monthly fee upfront from students and the tutor is paid after the monthly sessions are over. This brings a commitment from both sides.
Gruha Sikshak collects the feedback from the student on a monthly basis and would take appropriate action in such a case.
Contact us (+91 733 110 3904, +91 733 110 3905) and we'll make every effort to help you.

About Gruha Sikshak - Online Trainings Provider.

Gruha Sikshak provides Online Training for various requirements in IT industry. It has been started by a group of highly talented faculty / trainers in their respective courses with an objective of providing online support for students and employees world wide... read more....


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