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Php & Mysql Technologies Online Training

Gruha Sikshak is a leader in providing Online Training Services for various requirements of Web Development Technologies (Php, Mysql, Joomla, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento) in IT industry.


It has been started by a group of highly talented Faculty / Trainers in their respective courses with an objective of providing Online Support for Students and Employees world wide.


Locations - Hyderabad, India, USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Germany.


Technology Course Contents
Php & Mysql

Basics : Introduction, Environment Setup, Syntax Overview, Variable Types, Constants, Operator Types, Decision Making, Loop Types, Arrays, Strings, Web Concepts, GET & POST, File Inclusion, Files I/O, Functions, Cookies, Sessions, Sending Mails, File Uploading, Coding Standard.

Advanced : Predefined Variables, Regular Expression, Error Handling, Bugs Debugging, Date & Time, PHP & MYSQL, PHP & AJAX, Object Oriented.

Form Examples : Form Introduction, Validation Example, Complete Form, Registration Form Example, Login Example, Mysql Login.

AJAX Examples : AJAX Search, AJAX XML Parser, AJAX Auto Complete Search, AJAX RSS Feed Example.

Built-In Functions : Built-In Functions & Examples.

API Integrations : SMS Gateway API, Payment Gateway API.

Project Training in Php & Mysql

ECommerce - Project Training : How to make a Static Website to Dynamic Website : Frontend & Backend.

Customization of Website Designing Home Page Designing, Pages for About Us, Contact Us, Shipping Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc.,, Pages of Particular Category wise products showcase / listings, Pages of Particular Product Details page with products images zoom / thumbnail slideshow effect, Registration & Login Pages Designing, My Account, Change Password, My Cart, Check Out, Ordered Details Pages Designing, Forgot Password Page, Transaction return after paying / not paying / cancelling - success / failure pages designing, misc.. pages.

Development (Backend / Admin Part) Admin Panel login & password changing, Adding / Editing contents / pages information., like about us, contact us, shipping policy pages etc.,, Adding / Editing / Deleting Categories -> Sub Categories (if any) -> Inner Sub Categories (if any), Adding / Editing / Deleting Products by selecting categories / subcategories / inner sub categories, Products can have details : product heading, description, photo/gallery(either 1 or more), price, product code, if required in discount field then there will product mrp price, product sp price, the discount will be calculated automatically.

Development (Frontend / Customers Part) Users Registration with receiving activation link to the mentioned email, Users Login with Security - no tampering will be done, until unless user click on the activation link, user cannot login & maintain his / her account, Changing password (after login), Selecting desired product & placing into cart (after login), Viewing all added products in My Cart Page (after login), Updating of added products ie., changing the quantity, by default it will set to '1' for every choosen product, can change to 2/3 etc, according the price will be calculated & the total amount will be displayed(after login), Deleting / Removing the product(s) from "my cart" page (after login), Check Out & paying the amount either by Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / Cash On Delivery, Ordered product(s) will be shown in Ordered History page(after login), Guest User also can select the no. of product(s) and place in cart, Checking Out with the necessary information & paying same like the registered user Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / Cash On Delivery, After successful payment, it will return to the page of success.

Functionalists in Website Registered Users the Emails will receive - at the time of registration with action; at the time of adding product into cart; at the time of payment successfully, Guest Users (Email Receiving), Users the Emails will receive - at the time of adding product into cart; at the time of payment successfully, Sending SMS of Ordered Details & Delivery Information, Admin (Email Receiving), For Admin Emails will receive - at the time of payment successfully either registered users / guest users, All the Users (Registered / Guest) Ordered Details will be shown in Admin Panel.

Web Development Technologies (Php, Mysql, Joomla, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Magento)


Basics : Introduction, Installation, Dashboard.

Settings : General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalink, Plugin

Categories : Add, Edit, Delete, Arrange.

Posts : Add, Edit, Delete, Preview, Publish.

Media : Media Library, Add, Insert, Edit.

Pages : Add, Publish, Edit, Delete.

Tags : Add, Edit, Delete.

Links : Add, Edit, Delete.

Comments : Add, Edit, Moderate

Plugins : View, Install, Customize.

Users : User Roles, Add Users, Add Photo, Edit Users, Delete Users, Manage Personal Profile.

Appearance : Theme Management, Customize Theme, Widget Management, Background.

Deployment : Host Transfer, Version Update, Spam Protection, Backup & Restore, Optimization, Reset Password.


Basics : Introduction Overview, Installation, Architecture

Store Setup : Product Overview, Setup Languages, Setup Contact, Setup Categories, Setup Products, Setup Inventory, Setup Taxes, Setup Shipping Rates, Setup Payment Plans, Setup Payment Gateway, Setup Payment Methods, Setup Currencies, Setup Check Out Options, Setup Paypal Payment, Setup Google Checkout, Setup Store Live

Order Processing : Orders Life Cycle, Setup Order Options, Setup Order Emails, Create Orders, Manage Orders

System Setup : Setup Customers, Setup Google Analytics, Setup Pretty URLs, Setup Youtube Video, Setup Facebook Likes, Setup Translation, Setup System Theme, Setup Page Title, Setup Page Layout, Setup New Pages, Setup CMS, Setup Newsletter

Optimization : Environment Optimization, Configuration Optimization, Code Optimization, Frontend Optimization, Profiling, Database Performance, Search Engine Optimization.


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