Study tips to score high in your Exams


Study tips to score high in your Exams

Study tips to score high in your Exams 1) Read through all the course/learning materials and mark possible questions.
2) Work through old exam papers to see what sort of questions were asked in the past.
3) Make a list of all the possible questions that you have identified.
-> Work out answers to your questions.
4) Summarizing reduces the amount of material you have to remember while helping you to learn.
-> Once you have studied a section, reduce the main ideas to key words that can be memorized.
-> Start by deciding on the main (most important) idea in each paragraph.
ask yourself: What is this paragraph/section about?
You can also use this technique to help you remember your answers.
5) Read each section three or four times and listen carefully. Pay attention to what you are saying.
-> Recite the main points from memory.
-> Check to see if your recall was accurate.
6) Once you feel you are satisfied with your preparation, Try teaching your friend - teaching is a great way to learn.
-> It is also a good way to make sure that you can explain something in your own words.
-> Help one another with difficult concepts.
7) Revise your notes on the night before the exam and in the morning.
8) Start your preparations well in advance, do not wait until a week before the test to start. You gain less by studying at the last minute.

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